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Elevating living spaces with Urbeo

Take a look at our Resident’s Lounges.

At Urbeo we take pride in creating not just homes, but vibrant communities for our residents to live in. Our meticulously designed Resident’s Lounges are a testimony of our commitment on providing the best living experience.

From cozy seating, warm fireplaces, complimentary coffee and free Wi-Fi, our lounges are equipped with amenities that are selected for the needs of our residents. Whether you’re looking to work remotely, host a gathering, have a movie night, or simply enjoy a change of scenery from your home, we offer versatile spaces to accommodate your lifestyle.

Our Resident’s Lounges are more than meets the eye, they are carefully designed environments that foster a sense of belonging and relaxation. Step into these thoughtfully created areas in U Citywest Quarter, U Clayfarm, U Hansfield, U Clonsilla & UHX, and you will find yourself in places that invite you to relax and connect with your neighbours.

At Urbeo we believe in going beyond providing physical spaces, we like to create experiences to promote a sense of community amongst our residents. Regular social events and activities are organized in our lounges to bring everyone together and create lasting memories in our properties.

In a world where your home is not just a physical space, but a feeling, our Resident’s Lounges have become an extension of our resident’s homes. Join us in redefining modern living, where comfort, connectivity and community can be found in one place.

For more information on these and our other properties, please visit or contact us via DM on Instagram @ubyurbeo.

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